Accounting Services

TBO provides accounting services to both individuals and companies that operate or are planning to set up their businesses in Costa Rica.

With the commercial and business evolution that the country has experienced, it is increasingly necessary for all business activities to maintain a clear understanding of the economic reality in order to stay competitive.

Our accounting and professional team becomes a strategic ally for clients from diverse industries that understand the need to have daily and clear access to financial/accounting indicators. This allows them to make the best decisions in order to achieve an optimized economic performance.

Accounting Services costa rica
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When you hire our services, you get the peace of mind you need to focus on the essential areas of your business and, with our advice, be able to increase your profits.
Our accounting services are responsible for:

  • Performing a risk analysis of accounting transactions.
  • Reviewing, reconstructing and restructuring existing accounts.
  • Reconciling accounting items.
  • Performing bank reconciliations.
  • Reconciling accounts receivable and payable.
  • Preparing accounting auxiliaries and reports.
  • Issuing financial statements and accounting certifications.
  • Creating internal accounting procedures and policies.
  • Maintaining accounting books.
  • Performing a register and control of assets.

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