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TBO provides tax advisory services to companies and individuals operating in and from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica enjoys a unique political and social stability in the Central American region, which has allowed it to position itself as an ideal country to extend a multiplicity of businesses to the world.

The Costa Rican economy has evolved from being purely agricultural to a diversified one that aspires to achieve economic development. Despite having high rates of human development, the country still needs to significantly improve its infrastructure and is going through a fiscal crisis. All of this together produces a gradual increase in attention to the tax obligations of all taxpayers.

Tax Services costa rica
advice on Tax Services costa rica

In recent years, adjustments to the tax obligations of Costa Rican companies have been implemented, such as the mandatory digital invoicing, the value added tax and a greater surveillance of tax burdens through the entry into force of the Law for the Strengthening of Public Finances.

At TBO, we believe that the tax aspect should be handled in complete order and strict adherence to the legislation, without exceeding its obligations, but rather making use of the benefits offered by the law in a way that allows the sustained economic growth of companies.

Our tax advisory services include but are not limited to:

  • Training and Knowledge of Applicable Taxes
  • Ensuring Tax Compliance
  • Tax Planning and Design
  • Conducting Tax and Preventive Audits
  • Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Transfer Pricing Consulting and Implementation

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